SSITC realizes the growing need of information technologies in different sectors is essential to execute missions in a way that saves cost, effort and accelerate its growth. SSITC therefore adopts a policy to guarantee continuous development for all sectors in order to introduce user friendly solutions using the most recent technologies. The end result is an environment that achieves:

Standards Consolidation

  • Re-engineering the infrastructure according to global standards and organize a rational data flow.
  • Establish a comprehensive base for the interior framework for controlling and assigning responsibility based on predetermined missions and automated procedures for confirmations and tasks assignment.
  • Consolidate integrated systems in order to provide high quality data.
  • Introductory statement includes a clear vision for the infrastructure.

Improving Productivity

  • Achieve gains in effectiveness through simplification, rationalization and automation.
  • Reduce manual and paperwork by automating tasks and procedures and confirmation actions.

Optimum use for technical resources

  • Periodical check for all technical resources "Applications, programs and networks".
  • Continuous running processing guarantee through adopting several plans to avoid breakdowns.
  • Saving the technical resources by using the most recent technologies.