The employee module includes a wide range of features covering

The base application to record your employees, manage their personal information and other job related information.
Birthday Constraint
Defines the minimum age required for the job.
Employee Dependents
Keep track of all dependent information.
Employee Identification
Define all the official documents that identify the employee.
Identification Notification
Set number of days for notification before official document expiry.
Record in detail employee’s educational and/or professional achievements.
Assign employee to department and division.


A contract is defined for every employee and specifies contract duration. Work schedule, wages and benefits, and is the base for all payroll calculations.

Salary Scale

A matrix with degrees and grades defining the employee’s position on the salary scale. Basic wages and benefits are defined in the scale. The Salary Scale updates the contract if information is modified.


Define and allocate all types of leaves including sick, annual, hajj, maternity and many more.

Basic Payroll

Based on the information in the contract and attendance information the payroll is calculated automatically and pay slips are produced.